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5 Ways Mud Riders Can Extend The Life Of Motocross Boots

Riding through mud trails and racetracks are great ways to to experience a different side of motocross. Along with learning new ways to ride, mud riders also experience a lot of clean up after each trip. Naturally, when riding through mud, your riding boots will take a large part of the mud and caked on dirt. Instead of just letting the boots take all the damage, you can initiate steps to help maintain the boots for a long time. When purchasing gear, like Gaerne boots, you are investing a lot of money and want the boots to last. Using the following five tips can help ensure that you boots last for years to come and can properly endure hundreds of trips through the mud.

Boot Waterproofing

Mud and water can easily seep through boots, causing warping, mold, or additional damage. While boots often have equipment built-in to help them, you can take additional steps to prevent mud and water from seeping inside.

Rub down the entire exterior of the boot with a silicone lube. While rubbing the area, it's important to focus on the more vulnerable areas. This includes any holes, seams, or strap connection points. These are the most common areas where water can leak in. This task is best completed when the boots are brand new. If you have worn them a couple of times, then make sure that they are completely clean and dry before applying the silicone lube.

Proper Socks

While the outside of your boot is often the most protected from moisture and damage, the inside can be worn down, causing discomfort. This is why sock choice is so important for your boots. There are many features of socks to help prevent the wear of boots. For example, socks with small grips on the bottom can keep your foot stable inside. This means that the soles of the boots will not be worn down because your foot isn't sliding back and forth a lot.

Socks with wicking materials and breathable fabric will also help limit sweaty feet. The moisture from your feet can create a musk and possibly cause the growth of mold if too much sweat remains inside. Wear new or cleaned pairs of socks each time you place the boots on to prevent extra moisture and sweat.

Sole Replacements

Instead of replacing the whole boot, you can get added comfort and quality by replacing the soles of your boots. When you order new boots online, it's a good idea to add in a pair of extra soles. Not only will this give you a back up pair to use each time, but the extra soles can be fitted the same as your boot so no adjustments are needed in the future.

Sole replacements are also useful when doing back to back mud races. If a pair is wet and muddy, you may not have enough time to clean and dry them. Slipping in a replacement pair of soles will lessen the damage caused by using the wet ones again.

Straps & Buckles

Another replacement part you can purchase for your boots are straps. It's easy for outer straps and buckles to get clogged with mud and debris as you ride. As the mud dries, it can easily cause a strap to snap or crack over time. By having extra straps on hand, you can extend the life of your boot and still go riding through as much mud as possible.

When purchasing straps, ensure that they are duplicates of the ones you already own. This makes it easy to replace and ensure a proper fitting on your foot.

Boot Storage

As you store your boots after a day of riding in the mud, you will want to keep them in a cool and dry area. Hanging the boots upside down will help drain all the moisture from them. Using a dehumidifier can help eliminate any extra moisture. This helps prevent warping or mold growth on the inside of a boot. Once you have a drying system in place, it will be easy to take care of your boots after each riding session.

Purchasing all of the accessories at the same time as your boots is a good way to have emergency items and save on shipping as everything is all packed together in one box.